Bring your home to life

Wouldn't it be great if you turn on the TV to watch a film, your surround sound amplifier turned on automatically, the curtains closed, and the lights dimmed?
How about when you open the front door in the evening, the hallway lights come on automatically? Or if you walk up or down the stairs at night, the steps are lit up automatically for you?
How about a natural wake up from you night's sleep? Have your bedroom lights slowly come on a few minutes before your alarm, waking you naturally instead of suddenly with the alarm.
The deliveryman who said he rang the bell three times before he went away with your parcel, check the doorbell log and see if he really did! Or if you are having a cup of tea with a neighbour, wouldn't it be great to get an SMS when the doorbell is pressed at home.
The Webstudios Home Automation system can do all of these things, and much much more!

Bring your home heating system to life

Using the Webstudios Home Automation system you can bring your home (or your office) to life. Tailor your system to suit your needs. If you forget to turn the heating on before you leave for work, wouldn't it be great to ask your house to turn it on, and set the temperature in each room individually? Can you remember what temperature you left the thermostat on? Wouldn't it be great to just ask your house what it's set to, and it it's not correct, change it? Well with the Webstudios home automation system, you will be able to do just that!
Do you have your rooms at different temperatures? some are warmer than others naturally, so why do we rely on the thermostat in the hallway to set them all to the right temperature? Wouldn't it be great to have each room individually set to a comfortable level? What about the boiler? always running even when all the radiators are turned off, wouldn't it be great to turn it off when the house is at the right temperature?The Webstudios Home Automation system can do all this and more!